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• Paint System Maintenance

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When Ketola/Targus Painting decided to go into the remodel painting business, we knew we had the knowledge and expertise to be good at this type of painting. Remodeling painting now accounts for 60% of our yearly work load. Remodeling painting presents a whole new set of challenges because each house or building we work on has a different degree of deteroriation. Through specific training programs, we were able to make the transition from new construction painting to remodeling painting and still maintain our quality standards.

Ask our expert field painters to refurbish stained or painted cabinet systems or custom wood doors and they will have no problem completing the task. When we are done, we'll even show you how to maintain your new paint finish system. Our bids on remodeling painting thoroughly describe all the processes and steps we take in preparing the surface to be painted, including washing, sanding, filling, priming and painting. We use top-of-the-line materials throughout the process and the best known techniques.

Our remodeling painting work comes with a full year warranty.  In fact, because of our proven expertise working with remodeling projects, some of our product manufacturers are willing to stand behind our products beyond the warranty period.

We are an environmentally friendly painting company, and want to insure we minimize our impact to the environment as we go about the process of preparation and application of new paint products.