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Commercial Exterior Painting by Ketola/TargusResidential Interior Painting by Ketola/Targus

Ketola/Targus Painting provides services to all kinds of buildings -- small and large, single and multi-story.

The commercial construction business is an exciting and challenging area of construction in which our paint company has the most expertise. Since the very first day we opened our doors, commercial painting was a targeted area in construction in which we wanted to excel. We have long-term relationships with local designers and architects that know we can perform the work that is needed to finish a commercial project on time and under budget.

We are experts at reading plans and knowing specifications of high tech products, especially those that meet or exceed environmental standards. Working and cooperating with multiple subcontractors, general contractors and owners is a mission of our supervisors and employees. We tend to be flexible so that timelines for completion can be accomplished as the production schedule changes during the construction phases.